New in 2.8

Change 2018-02-20

  • Event now contains 'parent_event_id' attribute

Change 2017-11-28

  • Added documentation for GET /api/changes

Change 2017-08-28

  • Added two new tests for /api/event//check_join: Check if course is cancelled or locked

Change 2017-08-02

  • PersonEvent now contains 'passed' attribute in order to indicate if event was passed or not for the participant

Change 2017-06-19

  • New parameters for POST /api/personevents, set contact_person_id and/or contact_organisation_id

Change 2017-05-09

  • New attributes for Competence object; owner_organisation, owner_person

Change 2017-05-03

  • New attribute for Message object; files

Change 2017-03-22

  • New attribute for Competence object; external_competence_id

Change 2017-03-14

  • The duration attribute of Competence and Event has changed. Before it returned a string of how many days a course lasts. Now it will return a string containing a text with how long a course lasts, but may be split in days, hours and minutes. For module courses, each module's duration is returned, split by a '+' character. Example: "3 dager, 18 timer + 12 timer + 20 timer"

New 2017-03-08

  • New attributes  to the event object: sign_on_dealine_fmt, sign_off_deadline_fmt 

New 2017-02-24

  • New parameter  to the /api/competences: users_organisations_only

New 2017-02-21

  • New attribute to the competence object: real_title

New 2016-12-22

New 2016-12-14

New 2016-12-12

New 2016-12-07

  • New attribute for Personbirthdate_fmt
  • Redefined POST and PUT for /api/personcompetences, to follow the REST principles closer. POST always creates object, PUT always updates, and objects are identified by person_competence_id.
  • Redefined DELETE for /api/personcompetences, so that object is defined by person_competence_id.

New 2016-12-06

New 2016-12-05

New 2016-11-30

  • Added new parameters for /api/competences: organisation_ids, external_organisation_ids, mode

New 2016-11-25

New 2016-11-24

  • New attributes for Competence: competence_groupscustom_attributes
  • New attribute for PersonCompetence: competence
  • New attribute for Person: postcode (should have been there)
  • New attribute for Event: custom_attributes
  • Added support for showing "display_value" for custom_attributes for Event, Competence
  • New parameter for both /api/events and /api/competences: custom_attributes

New 2016-11-18

  • New attributes for Rolerequired_competences, optional_competences
  • /api/events: replaced host_organisation_id with host_organisation_ids (list), and added host_organisation_external_ids.
  • /api/personcompetences: New allowed value for state: "expired".
  • New attribute for PersonCompetencehistory_personcompetences

New 2016-11-17

  • Redefined how /api/personevents work. Added possibility to define neither user_name nor organisation_id, and thus searching across all persons and organisations (superuser/superadmin only). Now user_name must be defined in order to get personevents for person, also if you want to fetch for logged in user. 
  • Added attribute person to PersonCompetence 

New 2016-11-15

New 2016-11-11

New 2016-11-10

New 2016-11-07

  • New parameters for /api/personevents: startdate, enddate, event_ids
  • /api/events: New allowed value for mode: "notfinished"
  • Small change in PersonEvent children attribute: Will only children that person is signed on to
  • New attributes for Participant (same as for PersonEvent): order_id, debitor_organisation, debitor_person, order_due, is_paid

New 2016-11-04

  • New parameters for /api/competencesowner_only, organisation_owner_only, instructor_only

New 2016-11-03

New 2016-10-28

  • New parameters for /api/roles: organisation_ids, extern_organisation_ids
  • New resource for single role: /api/roles/[role_id]
  • Redefined how field customization is inherited. Now all sub-objects of the same type inherits, previously only "children" did so. This change affected Competence.prerequisites and Organisation.main_organisation, causing them to have the same fields present as their main objects.

New 2016-10-24

  • New attribute for Eventcustom_attributes.
  • Added /api/validate_auth_token, for validation of token by third parties, e.g. LMS systems.

New 2016-10-18

  • Set and remove role from a person now available ( PUT /api/person and DELETE /api/person)
  • Possible to restrict /api/persons to persons which has specified roles.

New 2016-10-05

New 2016-10-04

  • Added field/attribute customization option to ALL return types. See Field customization.
  • Added limit and offset parameters to a lot of calls. Also marked parameter start as deprecated. offset is a better name, and is not likely to be misinterpreted.
  • Event type: attribute coursegroups is renamed competence_groups, for consistency.
  • PersonCompetence type: attributes competence_type_displayname and competence_type_id has been removed, and competence_type now contains a CompetenceType object.


New 2016-10-02 (not before this date)

  • Changes to /api/roles
  • It is now possible to fetch a list of roles for which a given competence is defined as either mandatory or optional


New 2016-09-26

New API resource:

New types:

New attributes for Role and Position:

  • owner_organisation
  • owner_person

New attribute for PersonEvent:

  • event (an Event object)

New attribute for Participant:

  • representing_organisation


New 2016-09-19

New attributes for Event:

  • locked
  • visuals

New attribute for Competence:

  • visuals


New 2016-09-16

  • Added new API point: /api/surveyanswers
  • Corresponding type: SurveyAnswer


New 2016-09-06

PersonEvents object

New attribute for PersonEvent object:

is_paid - indicates whether the current order is paid or not (True / False)
debitor_organisation, returns an organisation object indicating debitor order
debitor_person, return a person object indicating debitor person for order
representing_organisation, returns an organisation object indicating which organisation the person represents within the context of the order. Useful if a person is member of severale organisation units, but the order should be "connected" to just one of the organisations

POST /api/personevent/

It is now possible to specify debitor for the transaction. Can be person and/or organisation. It is possible to set just person er organisation, or both. 

It is also possible to specify contact person and contact organisation for the course sign on. Useful in order to track who signed the person on to the course and should be the contact person if contact is necassary. The contact organisation is used for specifying the organisation the contact person belongs to, useful when one person belongs to more than one organisational unit.


New 2016-09-01

PersonEvents object

representing_organisation_id / representing_extern_organisation_id used for specifying which organisation the person signed on to the course is representing

POST /api/personevents

It is not possible to specify which organisation the user represents when signing on to a course  (representing_organisation_id or representing_extern_organisation_id)

Earlier changes


New and changed attributes in the PersonCompetence object

New: competence_type_displayname - display name (translated into correct language for user)  for competence type (non-technical name)
Changed: competence_type - does no longer display non-technical name. Display the technical name, f.ekx. 'compelx', 'course'- 'e-course' etc.


New attributes in Role object

  • role_meta_type
    Provides the role meta type (check APIRole for more info)

New filter for /api/roles

  • role_meta_type
    Return only roles with a given meta type


New attributes for Organisation object

  • extern_organisation_id
    External organisation id commonly used on imported objects etc. Some 3rd. party applications need this id for internal use


New attributes for Event object

  • course_owner_person
  • course_owner_organisation
  • prerequisites_text
  • prerequisites
  • coursegroups
  • external_sign_on
  • email
  • homepage

New filter for /api/events

context_extern_organisation_ids and context_organisation_ids can be used to limit search to events valid within the context of the specified organisations. Please see /api/events for further description.

host_organisation_id can be used for selecting only events hosted by the given organisaiton 


New attributes for PersonEvent object

host_name specifies name of organisation that hosts the course event

New parameter:

include_person, set 1 if person information should be included in the return person event object. This applies to situations where events for single person is fetched.


New parameter added for searching for people with a given competence

New in 2.7

New API points:

  • POST /api/files
  • GET /api/search
  • GET /api/competencegroups/:id/roles
  • GET /api/competencegroups/:id/competencegroups_related_for_role
  • PUT /api/persons/:id/roles
  • DELETE /api/persons/:id/roles
  • PUT /api/orders
  • GET, POST, PUT /api/persontravelinformation

New types:

  • PersonTravelInformation
  • TravelInformation

Changes in API:

  • New parameter for GET /api/personcompetences: "history"
  • New parameter for POST /api/personevents: "mode"
  • New parameter for GET /api/events: "user_check"

Changes in types:

  • Added "fullname" to Person simple view
  • Added "history" to PersonCompetences simple/full view. Indicates that historic objects exist.
  • Added "organisations" and "roles" to Person full view
  • Added "user_file_upload_allowed" and "user_file_upload_date_limit" to Event full view
  • Added "user_file_upload_allowed" and "user_file_upload_date_limit" to PersonEvent full view
  • Added "category" to Competence full view
  • Added "competence_category" to Event full view

New in 2.6

  • New type Duration
  • New attributes for Event:
    • host_name
    • host
    • external_sign_on
    • payment
    • payment_types
    • durations
    • certificates_url
  • New attributes for PersonEvent:
    • confirmed
  • New attributes for Competence:
    • weight
    • durations
  • New attributes for Role:
    • organisation_ids

New in 2.5

  • Most types now have an attribute "id", which is an alias for the object's id (otherwise named "organisation_id", "person_id", etc).
  • New resource /api/categories, with corresponding type Category
  • New type CompetenceAttribute
  • New parameters for /api/competences:
    • ​term
    • category_ids
    • attribute_ids
  • ​New parameters for /api/events:​
    • term
    • cancelled
    • category_ids
    • competence_attribute_ids
    • competence_group_ids
    • location_id
  • New resource /api/locations/[location_id]/events. Returns all events for location.
  • New parameters for /api/locations:​
    • term
    • startdate
    • enddate
    • minimum_capacity
    • sw_latitude
    • sw_longitude
    • ne_latitude
    • ne_longitude
  • New attributes for Competence object:
    • min_age
    • max_age
    • prerequisites
    • prerequisites_text
    • categories
    • attributes
    • instructors
  • New attributes for Event object:
    • min_age
    • max_age
    • max_participants
    • participants_count
    • available_count
    • attributes
    • instructors
  • New attributes for Location object:
    • capacity
    • description
    • latitude
    • longitude
  • New attributes for Person object:
    • fullname (simply firstname + lastname)